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    About us    

CMS expertises in medical devices to design, develop and distribute innovative and unique products that advance patient care.  With aim of making contribution to society, CMS is applying our area of expertise and using our global network, and making extensive efforts to offer a wide range of innovative and unique medical devices and medical solutions for improving QOL of patients.


CMS also offers business, marketing and regulatory consultation services to help overseas medical device manufacturers intending to export their advanced and innovative medical devices to Japan to conquer their unique business and regulatory challenges.


Our greatest aspirations are to offer medical devices and medical solutions which meet the actual needs of healthcare professionals and bring more and more effective and efficient medical care to patients. 


Company Name

    Chris Medical Solutions Inc.



    16th July, 2015


Main Business

    Manufacturing and sales of medical devices

    Medical device business development support

    Medical device product marketing support


Head Office

    Okusawa 3-35-11-5F, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Japan 1580083

    Tel:  +81 3 6425 7986

    Fax: +81 3 6425 7988



    Masanori Iwama / President and CEO


Main Bank

    MUFG Bank, Shinagawa

    SMBC Bank, Shinjuku


    Our Services    



CMS offers not only medical device product, but also unique and innovative solutions for health and medical care.

Business Development Support


CMS's  highly experienced expert staff assist and support companies intending to expand theirs business in Japan.

Product Development Support


CMS offers support services and optimized and unique solutions to client companies and healthcare professionals giving top priority to patients and improvement of healthcare and intending to develop medical devices of their own conception. 



Okusawa 3-35-11-5F, Setagaya-ku, 

Tokyo Japan1580083




Tel   +81 3 6425 7986

Fax: +81 3 6425 7988